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Snowbird Auto Transport

Snowbird auto transport is the foundation of our business. The term snowbird was originally used to describe retired people and seasonal vacationers, mainly from northeastern states, that had the means to reside in Florida throughout the winter months. Today there are snowbirds across the entire country, many of whom are now young working people. This new demand has resulted in rapid growth of the auto transport industry during the fall months, which used to be the slow months. Every year this demand has increased. There are now many towns and cities across the entire southern area of the states that see their populations triple throughout the winter months. Inflated hotel rates, gas gouging, and gridlocked interstates are common as snowbirds depart from the northern to southern states in increasing numbers each fall. The solution for many snowbirds to avoid this increasing traffic, the overpriced hotels, and fuel costs has been to hire car shipping companies. Whether you have been utilizing car delivery businesses for years or if this is your first time, we have the solution you are seeking.  With no cost or obligation, we will supply you with ten quotes from our trusted carriers to get your vehicle delivered. Simply fill out and submit our form or call 1-866-446-9143.

Snowbird Routes.

Our most common snowbird delivery route is the I-95 corridor. We have been connecting our snowbird customers with reliable car shipping carriers in this region for many years. From Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and all of the New England area, I-95 is the direct path to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Our next busiest route is I-5. Many vehicles are transported from Oregon, Washington, and other northwestern states, via I-5 to California or continuing east to Arizona and New Mexico. From Chicago, Minneapolis and other midwestern areas the snowbird auto shipping routes are typically south to Texas and then split east towards Florida or west towards New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Our trusted affiliates have regular routes several times per week from almost anyplace you might need a car picked-up and delivered to. To get the best rate simply fill out and submit our form right now or call 1-800-592-6492 today.

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Our Snowbird Experience

We have specialized in snowbird car shipping for many years. Our trusted partners and carriers cater to seasonal movers and vacationers. Because you are the most important part of our business model we do everything to provide you the safest most reliable auto delivery every time. Our first-time snowbird customers often choose us for many years. We don’t charge you anything and you have zero obligation, for free we provide you up to as many as ten quotes from our trusted partners. This is how confident we are that we can get you the best rate. We are looking forward to making you our next long term satisfied customer. Fill in our form and submit it right now or call 1-866-446-9143 today.

Some Snowbird Demographics

Purchases of condominiums and second homes have provided temperate year-round climates for many snowbirds. Every year from October to early December there is a tremendous migration of people who vacate their northeastern homes before the winter snow and ice return. Most of these snowbirds from the northeast travel to Florida from many different states. The market in the western states has also been steadily increasing. There are now many cities such as Scottsdale AZ, Santa Fe NM, and Palm Springs CA, where massive changes in population predictably occur twice per year. In the summer hundreds of thousands of properties are vacated, the owners off enjoying their northern properties while the southwestern deserts become uncomfortably hot. Snowbird car transport from these migrations’ accounts for most of our business. Our trusted carriers and drivers are all fully licensed, insured, and have safely delivered thousands of vehicles. We can get you up to as many to 10 quotes right now. Simply fill out our form now and click on submit and or call us at 1-800-590-6492.

Snowbird Auto Transport

Our trusted partners have been safely and efficiently delivering cars for vacationers and seasonal snowbirds for over 30 years. If you need a vehicle transported, we are your best option. When you choose us, you get high quality service at low dollar rates.  Allow us to work to get you the best rate today by filling out our form and clicking submit right now. We will supply you with 10 quotes to fulfill your vehicle delivery.  You have nothing to lose. Absolutely free and with no obligation whatsoever, allow us to help get you the best rate without sacrificing quality. All our snowbird auto shipping affiliates are experienced, fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Don’t get fooled by a less reputable service, we have been in the auto shipping business long before the internet. We are a brick and mortar business and have negotiated the safe, on time delivery of tens of thousands of vehicles. We are looking forward to adding you to our list of long term satisfied customers. We respect your privacy and do not share your information in any way other than to fulfill your auto transport requirements. Simply fill in our form or give us a call at 1-866-446-9143.

Tips and Benefits

The same as with any other type of car shipping service, snowbird auto transport should be planned as far in advance as is possible. Peak periods for snowbird car delivery begin in the early to late fall for northern to southern routes and early spring to summer for the southern to northern routes. When possible, it is suggested to contact companies and get your quotes a few months prior to your expected shipping date. As separate companies may have different rates it is a good idea to get quotes from at least three different companies and compare the services offered to the amount charged. Some auto shipping carriers may also vary in their ability to provide the specific pick-up and delivery time you are seeking. We will provide you with ten quotes to help get you the best rate without sacrificing quality of service. Be sure to check the insurance rates and what is covered, typically snowbird auto shippers do not cover any contents that are not part of the vehicle, so it is important that you don’t use your vehicle as a shipping container for other items. Weight is also an important factor in calculating your rate. Be sure to inquire what the time frame between pick-up and delivery will be, north to south and south to north are usually much faster than cross country but will depend on mileage and also the other pickups and deliveries the carrier has on board.