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Pennsylvania Auto Transport

Are you planning to ship a vehicle to Pennsylvania? With all online auto shipping companies, this can be an unsettling task. We have a solution for you. Our shipping partners have hundreds of trucks in the Keystone State, Pennsylvania. We specialize in providing you with the lowest rates for shipping your truck or car. Simply complete the form or call 1-866-446-9143. You will receive 10 free quotes from different vehicle transport companies to help you secure a low rate and a delivery/pickup schedule that works for you. All the transport companies we work with have trucks in all the cities and towns in Pennsylvania including Penn Hills, Wilkes-Barre, Northampton, Haverford, Radnor, and Bethlehem city, several times a week. We verify each vehicle shipping courier to ensure they are properly insured, licensed and bonded through the US Department of Transportation. We diligently check their history to ensure they have a safe driving record and the experience to ensure your auto arrives in good condition and on time. Listed below are a few of the Pennsylvania auto transports recently completed by our partners.

  • 2006 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, Erie, PA to Houston, TX
  • 2019 Mazda Mazda3, Scranton, PA to Fort Worth, TX
  • 2015 Jeep Patriot, Pittsburgh, PA to Los Angeles, CA
  • 2014 Chevrolet Spark, Allentown, PA to San Diego, CA
  • 2008 Bentley Azure, Reading city, PA to Chicago, IL
  • 2014 Honda Pilot, Philadelphia, PA to Jacksonville, FL
  • 2012 Lexus LX, Lancaster city, PA to Phoenix, AZ
  • 2017 Ford Fusion, Upper Darby, PA to Indianapolis, IN
  • 2012 Chrysler Town and Country, Bensalem, PA to Denver, CO
  • 2014 Jeep Wrangler, Lower Merion, PA to New York City, NY
  • 2017 Mercedes GLS-Class, undefined, PA to Charlotte, NC
  • 1981 Porsche 911, undefined, PA to Las Vegas, NV

Pennsylvania Auto Transport Rates

Your auto transport needs can greatly increase or decrease the cost of having your car or truck shipped. You can save significantly by choosing an open rather than an enclosed transport. Every day auto dealerships safely receive vehicles from open car carrier trailers. To save money we highly recommend this option unless of course you are shipping an irreplaceable luxury, high end sports car, or antique vehicle. Other important cost factors include the size, weight and type of car or truck. The body type such as minivan, crossover, extended cab pickup, compact car, lower rider, and hatchback you are shipping can also impact your rate. Usually the larger the vehicle the more it will cost to ship. If your vehicle has any non-standard accessories that have altered its size, this can also increase the cost of shipping. Listed below are some of the accessories that may increase cost of your shipment.

  • Side steps
  • Grill guards
  • Trailer hitch
  • Running boards
  • Rear bumper guards
  • Lift kits
  • Oversized antennas
  • Over sized tires
  • Nerf bars

Pennsylvania auto transport rates are computed per mile and regularly fluctuate in direct relation to fuel prices. You can typically reduce your rate by dropping off your vehicle at a freight terminal and then picking it up from another freight terminal near your delivery address. If you require or prefer door to door pickup/delivery keep in mind that both the pickup and delivery addresses must be accessible to full sized trucks. If your vehicle is inoperable it can still be shipped open transport but as this increases time and labor for the carrier it will cost a lot more. You must inform the carrier company in advance if your vehicle has any operational defects. How you choose to pay your bill may also affect your final rate. Some carriers prefer COD but most will accept credit card payments as well. If you intend to settle your invoice by check it is important to arrange this with the shipper beforehand.

Quick Auto Transport Rates Guide

  • Door to Door - Major Impact
  • Vehicle Accessories - Moderate Imapct
  • Shipping Schedule - Moderate Imapct
  • Season - Moderate Imapct
  • Inoperable - Major Impact
  • Open or Eclosed - Major Impact
  • Terminal to Terminal - Major Impact
  • Vehicle Size - Moderate Imapct
  • Dropoff Location - Minor Impact

Despite any of the circumstances stated above, our affiliated carriers still work diligently to get you the lowest price for your Pennsylvania car shipping. You will get 10 car transport quotes from our partner auto shipping companies that will best match your needs and price range. You will get all 10 quotes for free and with no obligation whatsoever. Our trusted partner’s quotes are always among the lowest rates you will find in the auto shipping business. Allow us to exceed your expectations by getting your quotes right now. Simply fill in the form and click submit or call at 1-866-446-9143 today.

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Pennsylvania Auto Shipping Process

The best way to avoid any problems with your Pennsylvania car transport is by careful preparation. Remember that weight is important in calculating your rate. Do not use your vehicle as a method to ship other personal items and have only a quarter tank of gas or less in your vehicle at the time of pick up. Be sure that both your delivery and pick up addresses are correct. You can ship an inoperable vehicle, but it will be more expensive. Vehicles that are not steerable and/or do not have operable brakes will cost significantly more. You MUST inform the carrier of the vehicles condition and be prepared to pay a higher rate. Many drivers will not transport an inoperable vehicle if they have not been first notified.

When your car or truck is picked up you will be required to complete a bill of lading. It is very important to accurately complete this document. The driver and you will inspect your vehicle and document any damage to the vehicle, such as dents, broken windows, paint scratches, etc. Many drivers will take photos of any damage to protect themselves from false claims. When you or your authorized representative receives your auto at the drop-off location be sure that you, or they, carefully check the entire vehicle prior to signing the bill of lading. Failing to do this can make it very difficult if not impossible to receive compensation for any unfortunate damage. We carefully choose the best auto shipping carriers in the business but should any unexpected issue or problems come up you should definitely report them to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Communication is critical to an easy auto transport. Our Pennsylvania auto transport partners will attempt to keep you informed every step of the way. Our partners typically deliver on-time, however occasionally situations created by weather, road conditions, or other traffic problems are possible. Keeping an open line of communication to your carrier or driver can help eliminate a lot of stress.

Shipping Impacts

When selecting door to door transport services, local road conditions can impact pickup and delivery times and locations. Most auto transports are accomplished by semi-trailers. Big rigs are difficult to maneuver on many roads and streets. Pennsylvania has 250,199 miles of highways and byways with many rural roads and other road conditions that could prevent or limit access for big rigs. If the pickup and/or delivery locations have any impediments that could prevent the truck from accessing either, we recommend you select a different location. This can easily be accomplished by coordinating with the driver. Selecting a mall or supermarket parking lot is often the best solution. Traffic can also impact pickup and/or drop-off schedules. We recommend you check road and traffic conditions for delays. Check here to find current traffic conditions in Pennsylvania. Below are some of the road conditions to consider when selecting a pickup or drop-off location.

Pickup and Delivery Impacts Guide

  • Limited Access Avenues
  • Railroad tracks
  • Low hanging phone cables
  • Narrow streets
  • Narrow Cul-de-sacs
  • Accsess hours
  • County road
  • Low hanging tree branches
  • Narrow bridges

Pennsylvania has an average of 207 sunny days per year. Weather is not often an issue to the car shipping industry here. The summers are long, bringing hot and humid conditions to the southeast, while in the mountains, the days are generally cooler and less humid. Fall is pleasant throughout the state, while winter brings snow and much colder temperatures. Average high temperatures in summer are in the 80’s. In winter, high temperatures average in the upper 20’s. Annual rainfall averages 43 inches. Snowfall average is 15 inches. The western areas of Pennsylvania get lake effect snow storms in the winter that occasionally impact auto transport schedules. Check the current Pennsylvania weather for any possible auto shipping delays.

It's your vehicle, we want to provide you the best shipping options at the lowest rates to ship your car or truck.  At we continuously work to give you the service and respect you and your vehicle deserve. Complete the form on this page to receive free Pennsylvania Auto Transport quotes or call us at 1-866-446-9143. And see when great our service is.